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Chronic pain


A robust evidence base exists for treatment of pain using hypnosis.


Many of us do not realise that hypnosis has been used for centuries to reduce pain.  John Elliotson, a doctor working in the 19th century, carried out around 1800 surgical procedures using hypnosis to numb pain sensations.  Hypnosis for reducing pain is a natural therapy that relies on our bodies own pain control system, release of endorphins, along with other natural mechanisms such as dissociation and distraction.  Hypnotic pain control is something that I have treated and taught to many people and is particularly effective for diagnosed chronic conditions such as


rheumatoid arthritis,

chronic back pain,


chronic pain after injury or surgery


where your only option might so far be to take strong painkillers on a regular basis.  Hypnosis can be used successfully along with pain control medication and many patients find that they significantly reduce the amount of pain control medication they need.


Additionally, pain control can be iatrogenic – meaning that you can learn to control an expected pain – perhaps related to dental treatment, injections, medical treatments, making the process much easier.


Cancer treatment and other medical interventions


I have specific training and experience in helping patients who are dealing with a diagnosis and treatment for cancer and the above methods of pain control have helped many patients to have an easier time.  Reducing anxiety, pain and other symptoms can help you to have an easier time during your medical treatment.  Some of the anxieties or symptoms I can help with are:


fear of hospitals

fear of needles/ blood

fear of surgery

fear of chemotherapy/radiotherapy

fear of MRI scanners

reducing pain

reducing nausea and sickness

reducing digestive problems

using positive visualisation to boost immune system functioning

fear of losing hair

giving up smoking and other substances



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